miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011



This will be our blog this year and I have great expectations for it! We will be using this blog for the following purposes:

  • To have a good resource of links by which you can reinforce your skills.
  • To post material I propose for class.
  • To post projects that you will be making during the present course.
  • To carry out on-line questionnaires.
It's also my first time using a blog for the English class, so I hope you contribute with your own ideas to make the most of this site.

For starters, and to make this site a place for leisure as well, I propose this video about the need of learning English nowadays. Haven't  you ever been in a similar situation? Please, write your first comment about it!

 Do you need to learn English?

Think or sink? See the importance of a proper pronunciation!

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