viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Pronunciation of -ED! Get it now or never!!!

This post has been designed for you to learn the pronunciation of the ED in regular verbs. First, I'll show you the rules. After, I'll propose some practice.

1. -ed after voiceless sounds like /T/:  /f,  k,  p, s, tʃ, dʒ, θ/
looked (t)             dressed (t)            watched (t)
helped (t)              pushed (t)             pushed (t) 
2. -ed after voiced sounds like /D/:  /b, g, ð,, l, m, n, ŋ, r, , v,  z, vowel/
played (d)            roamed (d)     judged (d) 
sobbed (d)          filled (d) 
3. -ed after /d/ or /t/ sound like /ID/
wanted (id)
needed (id) 


EXERCISE 1: listen to the examples. 
EXERCISE 2: practise and check your answers
EXERCISE 3: further practice. the solutions are in the file. 

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