martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Oral Test. 2nd Term

Here you have the sentences you need to pronounce and record. You can either use your mobile phone and send it to my e-mail or use another recording programme in your computer, such as Audicity, and send it to me too. Please, bear in mind two important things: 

  • First, make sure your recording has QUALITY and I can understand what you say. 
  • The project is due Wednesday 20th of March. 
**Those who don't have access to internet at home will have todo it during the break time. 

This is the test. GOOD LUCK and employ the resources available in the net to make sure of the pronunciation!!

  1. Zebras in zoos are like dolphins in pools.
  2. It's best to rest, said the vet to the pet.
  3. The cat can't have a nap close to the car park.
  4. There aren't any bears in these woods.
  5. Did you put the beans in the bin?
  6. His uncle has just rung him for the third time.
  7. Sue knew he had forgotten the cook book.
  8. The girl heard the nurse work but she coulnd't walk.
  9. The boy stopped and passed the ball to another player.
  10. I washed and dried my dad's car last weekend.   

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