martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Project Introduction Unit

Today we have loads of tools to learn English. There are so many that users often feel overwhelmed and don't know what to use to improve their English level.

As the topic of the introduction unit is Learning Languages, the final project you have to do is searching the web or application in smartphones to learn English. Write a comment to this post describing the application that caught your eye. Your comment should have this information.

1. Your name, name of the application and link to that application.
2. What you can do with the application and how to use it.
3. Explain the reason why you chose that application.

Here you have an example of the application I showed in class.

(1)Isabel Sáez
The name of the application is English Ear 2 and you can download it from Google Play. (2) With this application you can practice the listening of words whose pronunciation seems similar. Once you play it, you have two words (for example, vase and base) and the application reads one aloud. The game is about choosing the correct option in the shortest time. At the end there is a ranking where you can check your score after every game. (3) I liked this game because I'm interested in improving my comprehension and pronunciation skills. 

The deadline to hand this project in is next Tuesday, 6th of November. If you are facing technical projects, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail. I'll reach you asap.